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Safari Trails International offers unforgettable hunting safaris in South Africa and Mozambique.

HUnting in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
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We are committed to personal attention and to ensure a safari experience of a lifetime to each and every guest!

Each of our hunting concessions in South Africa and Mozambique offer a unique experience and miles of vast hunting land to explore. We take pride to provide ethical, fair chase hunting to every client, from the first-timer to the experienced dangerous game hunter.

Our wealth of first-hand hunting and safari experience in South Africa and Mozambique will ensure that you hunt in excellent hunting areas which provide top trophy quality.

Russell Lovemore & Andrew Harvey
Owners Safari Trails International


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At Safari Trails International we are dedicated to secure, develop and conserve some of the best hunting areas Africa has to offer. Funds generated from our hunting clients help to fund many of our conservation initiatives such as anti-poaching patrols, community upliftment, education, habitat & wildlife management, sustainable meat supply and much more…


Hans-B. Krebs
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Mandy and Andrew made planning my first African safari easy by responding to e-mails quickly, offering advice and being helpful and accommodating in every way. I had chosen the 6 day hunting, 4 days touring package. The scenery was fantastic, lodges well beyond my expectations, the food tasty and plentiful and the staff friendly and eager to help. The abundance and variety of game animals must be seen to be believed! Andrew proved to be a remarkably gifted and skilful hunter who made me, a safari neophyte, shine. His ability to spot animals a mile away, to judge trophy stature, stalking them and get me into shooting range was nothing short of remarkable and astounded me. Needless to say, I took all five animals on my list plus two extra ones in just 4 days with time to spare. After that it was sight-seeing and deep sea fishing. I very much enjoyed to meet Andrew’s lovely family. Thank you, Mandy and Andrew, for making my trip to Africa a most memorable experience. True to your motto, I arrived as a client and left as a friend.
Jay McNaughton
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The hunting at Safari Trails International is exciting and challenging with lots of animals and excellent chances for success. With Russ’s hunting experience and knowledge of his land, which has been in his family for 7 generations, and surrounding ranches, confidence is high. Russ is down to earth, humble and hardworking and will do everything he can to put you on good animals. The lodge and lodging are first rate and a very nice place to bring your family.Spending time with Russ, his better half Julie and their two boys, Chad and Mitch, is a great benefit of hunting…
Stan Gentzler
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Thank you both for making my “Trip of a Lifetime” more than I could have ever imagined. Russ’ expertise in judging game animals in the field afforded me the opportunity to harvest “above average” trophies which I will enjoy forever. His Team of assistants made my hunting time safe and comfortable. My Thanks to Julie for being the perfect host with first class accommodations and gourmet style meals. Most of all, I want to thank you for my new heartfelt respect for the animals of Africa and the hospitality of the people there…
Mark L. Sanderson
Texas, USA
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This was my third trip to South Africa to hunt with Andrew Harvey. If my continuing returns to hunt with Andrew Harvey is any indication of my degree of satisfaction, then Andrew deserves a 10+ in my book. From attention to detail, to communication (before, during and after the hunt), to the quality of animals, the preparation of trophies, to the quality of food, accommodations and staff, all things meet or exceed my expectations as a hunter, client and friend. Every time I have booked a hunt to South Africa, the plan was for that hunt to be my last but, “never say never” as I hope to return in the near future! Thanks for the experiences, the hospitality, the continued extra effort, the attention to detail and most of all the friendship.
Dr. Roger Rose
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I have always had wonderful hunts with Andrew Harvey. Andrew works incredibly hard to get really great trophy animals. All of mine qualify for the SCI Record Book. I will never forget the thrill of my Cape Buffalo and Caracal hunts! The lodges and meals tempted me to just stay here and forget to come home. Truly a full service company and an amazing value, especially in these times.
Tony Martins
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After much deliberation and a great recommendation from friend and hunting icon Jim Shockey, we chose Russ Lovemore and Safari-Trails International for our first African adventure. My non-hunting wife Debbie, scout/tracker/ skinner Mike, tracking dogs Fudge and Diesel, Russell and I spent a week hiking, duck-walking, knee-crawling and belly-crawling all over Handfield Farm and other nearby properties, bowhunting walk-and-stalk style for zebra, impala, gemsbok, wildebeest, waterbuck, bushbuck and duiker…
Dan Kaiser
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I recently completed a plains game hunt with Safari Trails International in the East Cape of Africa. In one short word I’d describe the hunt experience and stay at Majiki Lodge as FANTASTIC! Despite having traveled extensively and hunted many other locations and game, this has been, by a wide margin, the most extraordinary hunting trip of my life. And one of the most extraordinary locations to visit. My hunting friend and I will surely return again and I highly recommend Safari International with Russell Lovemore and his team…
Doranus / Burnell Families
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" I would like to THANK you all for making our trip to SA a wonderful experience! The Doramus / Burnell family had the time of our lives! Don’t think I would change anything, except maybe my shot at the warthog! Debbie and Christy from Gracy Travel – Absolutely fantastic! Russell and Julie, your hospitality was fit for a king! We enjoyed time at your camp with your boys. Brendon, and Mike, our tracker, with their knowledge of the African flora and fauna were great and a treat to be with too! Spending time at Hellspoort Valley Game Farm was an unforgettable experience… "
Curtis & Mavis Ure
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"Since our trip to South Africa with you I have been asked a million times, “did you shoot that Zebra in Africa?’ or “what is that animal? Where did you get it?” Shortly after everyone wants all the details of our trip, specifically who we went with and how the hunt went. I am always happy to tell them that we went with Russell Lovemore, Safari Trails International, and had an amazing time. Not only did we see lots of game and take some great trophies, of which were my wife’s first trophy animals ever, but we got to spend some great evenings around the dinner table and the fire pit… "
Jeff White
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Since I was out of high school my dream was to go to Africa and hunt a Buffalo and sable. Well all my dreams came true with Russ and Safari Trails International. In life there are events that come and go, but the 3 weeks that I spent in Mozambique with Russ are as vivid as yesterday.Not only did I get my target package animals but he put me on many more including a 16′ Nile crocodile.Not only will I cherish my trophies and memories forever but I will return to hunt again and make new “memories for a lifetime.
Bob Groene
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My experience with outfitters, hunting guides and professional hunters is limited, especially considering that I’ve been a hunter my entire life—at least a third generation hunter. Living in the midwest and not prone to travel far or pay for hunting, my big game experience is aimed mostly toward whitetail deer. That said, I’d rate my self an above average hunter and woodsman. Intentionally, I had no expectations of what East Cape South African hunting might present other than what I learned thru a short visit with Andrew at the Chicago Outdoor Show. Also, worthy of mention is that we booked a one-hunter one-observer experience —my wife, the non-hunter “city girl” as the observer. We both were completely impressed not only with Andrew but also with his skinner-tracker, Peter. Together, their expertise in spotting and stalking all of the animals selected to hunt (all were harvested) was incredible. Andrew’s standards of what constitutes a “shooter” trophy animal is extremely high—much higher than mine, which is very beneficial to a first timer in Africa. And, BTW, my wife was as comfortable as could be not only during the hunts but also in the tremendous accommodation and cuisine of all three lodges visited. The overall hunt experience was an 11 on a scale of 1-10.
Michael & Larry Storinsky
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Andrew Harvey is a very knowledgeable, extremely reliable , highly competent and skillful professional hunter. His employee Peter, who acted as our driver, skinner and tracker, was hardworking and courteous. Together, these two gentlemen produced the most wonderful hunting adventure of a lifetime for my brother and I. My brother and I hunted 5 animals each, from 9 different species in 8 days with a 100% success rate. This was our first safari to Africa and Andrew got us every animal on our lists. All of the animals we took were well above average representative trophy specimens. Most of the animals will qualify for the SCI record book. We hunted on 5 different ranches and stayed in 4 different lodges. All of the accommodations, meals, housekeeping and staff were 5 star! Andrew provided a well organized, comfortable and safe safari from the time he picked us up at the airport until the time he dropped us off at the airport. There were no worries, no delays and no mistakes. My brother and I are already planning our next safari in 2 or 3 years time and it will definitely be with Andrew Harvey Safaris. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
Molly Barnett
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I was lucky enough to get the chance to have Andrew guide a hunt in May. His knowledge of the terrain and animals is outstanding, and he makes everything very fun, too. The stalks were challenging, and the animals were wonderful! Andrew will get you on the game, and get you trophy animals, all while making sure that you are hunting at your level of comfort. The food and accommodations were outstanding as well. I can’t wait to hunt with Andrew again, and recommend him without hesitation to any level of hunter, and families too!!
Norm Klopfenstein
Missouri, USA
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Andrew, thanks again for another memorable hunting experience. We have spent a total of sixteen hunting days together in two separate hunts, and thanks to you, I have sixteen great trophy animals. No one works harder than you and your talented staff to locate good animals. Your hunting skills continue to amaze me and the Eastern Cape, truly is your “backyard.” Everything was first class: the hunt, the food, the accommodations and concessions, plus your attention to details. If you are a serious hunter, South Africa, especially the Eastern Cape, represent a true value and treasured experience. Whether it is your first hunt, or fiftieth, I truly recommend Andrew Harvey Safaris.
Javi & Almudena
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We were hunting with Andrew Harvey at the end of august, it was our first time in Africa and it was a fantastic experience! We admire Andrew´s professionalism, he took great care of all that we needed, he works enthusiastically and he got us enthusiastic as well, we enjoyed a lot! Definitely, we will ask Andrew to come with us our next time in South Africa and we highly recommend Andrew Harvey for anyone thinking about going to this Country. Thank you Andrew for the great time we spent with you and Hunter!
Joel & Susan Carroll
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Andrew Harvey Safaris far exceeded all my expectations! I have hunted all over North America and never expected the dramatic and stunning terrain and beauty of the Mt. Camdeboo area, from the dense valleys up the dramatic granite cliffs to the vast plains and plateaus, truly breathtaking. As you take your drive from the 5 star lodge with wonderful staff into the lowlands, there are all types of game (giraffes, rhinos, kudu, ostriches, monkeys…) and as you climb up the mountains, other species (eland, gemsbuck, black wildabeast…) and at the top are the vast plains that sit thousands of feet above the valley. When you put your binoculars up and look into the distances there is game in so many areas, a true sight to see! We hunted hard for 5 days and filled, actually far exceeded my list. Andrew is a phenomenal PH, with the full skill set, which made every hunt and stalk a memorable experience. Upon completing our hunt we went down to sight see in Gonubie (East London), where we enjoyed the beachfront community and a very nice B&B. Had an opportunity to just enjoy the South African lifestyle with Andrew’s relatives who were wonderful, engaging, and can they cook! My wife and I ended the trip in St. Francis Bay, staying at his mothers B&B, we were spoiled and I am 5 pounds heavier. The fishing in the area is great and the scenery of this town is awesome, rent some golf clubs and uncle Benny will take the rest of your money! Thank you Andrew for a lifetime of memories.
Todd & Monica Glockzin
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From the time Andrew picked us up from the airport until our departure he made our vacation a trip of a life time. It all started out with a perfect week of plains game hunting. From the abundant game and spectacular scenery to the great accommodations, he made made it 1st class all the way. Most of the animals scored in SCI record book! No one could ask for a better hunt or a better Guide. When the hunting was done Andrew went above and beyond to make the rest of our stay a trip we would never forget. The tour to Addo Elephant park, Cheetah game reserve, Mount Camdeboo’s photo safari with sun set and sun rise tours. It was truly amazing and far beyond what we had dreamed it could be. Thank you, Andrew, for all your hospitality and extra effort. It did not go unnoticed. We can’t wait to return again some day!
Luis Montero
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Doctor Bustos and I have been hunting with you for a very, very pleasant 5 days. Your professionalism and kindness were, no doubt, unique and absolutely compliant with our expectations. Our sincere thanks for your efforts and constant dedication in looking for the best planning, the best trophy to shoot, and the best place to go. I am almost certain that Doctor Bustos or someone in his family will sooner or later be calling you to ask for a new adventure that you would manage to arrange for them. Carol said, “next I will be going along to put a little bit more of luck in your hunt”. Indeed my thanks my friend should I know anyone wanting to hunt in your country, be hundred per cent sure that I will encourage to go with you.