About Safaris Tarils International

About Safari Trails International

Hunting is our passion, our livelihood.

Russell and Julie Lovemore started “Safari Trails International” in 1998 and from its humble beginnings it has become a major player in the Southern African hunting industry. Offering hunts all over Southern Africa, with South Africa and Mozambique being the main focus.


In 2014 Andrew Harvey of “Andrew Harvey Safaris” and Russell Lovemore decided to merge the two companies as one. They have had a long standing friendship and have supported each other for a good part of 20 years in the hunting industry and after much research and consideration on how to maximize our quality of service and our companies to be one of the best in the business, we decided the best way would be to merge the two companies together. It has been an exciting venture and the company is growing from strength to strength each and every year.

Russell Lovemore hunting safaris
Russell Lovemore
Andrew Harvey

Russell is a sixth generation South African rancher who started hunting at a young age, having been introduced to it by his grandfather. Russell has been hunting professionally since 1996 and has gained vast experience in both plains and dangerous game. He has hunted in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Cameroon.


Andrew started hunting at a very young age with his father, on his Mom’s family farm in the Karoo. He has collectively 38 years of hunting experience. The last 20 years of this, has been his sole profession and has come to know exactly what clients are looking for when they come on Safari and what they expect.

Safari Trails International operates in the beautiful Malaria Free Eastern Cape and is by far one of the most popular hunting destinations in South Africa. It offers just about everything a hunter is looking for. With us you will be treated to days of hard hunting, friendly people and beautiful scenery. With the diversity of terrain ranging from thick bush to open plains, makes it a great place for an exciting safari. Our aim is to provide each and every hunter with an ethical, fair chase hunt that will not only provide a challenge but also great trophies and memories and experiences “For a Lifetime”. Our aim is to give you the hunt experience and or vacation of your life and memories you will never forget.


Safari Trails International (STI) holds the hunting rights too many thousands of acres of Land in the Eastern Cape where we can offer over 40 species to both the first time hunter as well as the seasoned Safari hunters. We use a number of different lodges around the Eastern Cape, with our main camp been situated 25 Kilometers North East of Grahamstown and a 150 Kilometers North East of Port Elizabeth. Here you will be guaranteed of quality accommodations, food and trophies. Our accommodation at all our private lodges that we use, is of a high standard and comfort. We have always encouraged family hunts and welcome young hunters and first-time hunters.


There may be some traveling involved, depending on your choice of trophies, which will mean staying at maybe two or three of our lodges during your safari, but it is our guarantee that we will maintain the same standard of excellence throughout the safari no matter where you are. This will also give you the opportunity to see some of the area and experience the people and culture. Medical facilities are all within driving distances and extra excursions can be arranged.


Our Mozambique companies, “Safari Trails Mozambique” and “Chawalo Safaris” offer some of the very finest dangerous game hunting anywhere on the planet. Russell Lovemore is one of the current most experienced professional hunters in Mozambique and will personally plan your Mozambique safari to ensure that you will hunt in the best hunting areas that Mozambique has to offer. Together with dangerous game like Crocodile, Hippo, Cape Buffalo, Lion and Leopard Mozambique also offers excellent plains game hunting and tropical unspoiled beaches.


We will do our best to cater for all your requests and needs and guarantee that you will go home having taken nothing less than excellent quality trophy animals and we will always go the extra mile. We really look forward to sharing one of our many campfires with you soon.


Russell Lovemore & Andrew Harvey